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President of Si Bangwei of United States spy: Ever felt pygmean and first-class
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1978, the Zhou Chengjian that elementary school graduates with maths the first achievement is taken an examination of went up prefectural middle school, but lively country lives also subsequently gradually die. because be the child of the farmer, he often is bullied. , after the child in a city uses what ball-pen plunges into him, carry on the back, “ has 3 centimeters of two deep ” fully, week Cheng Jianyi removes the anguish at that time, facial ministry can'ts help screwy.

All “ reasons are the identity because of rural person, let person look down upon, in the heart since thenceforth I all the time very self-abased, always feel oneself are pygmean and first-class like, always feel how oneself do the self-identity that gets others very hard. The Zhoucheng when ” accepts a reporter to interview builds a bit not to conceal true opinion of the heart, “ but in my disposition in be born, the day has prideful one side again, the more self-abased I want to prove him ‘ more I am the '” of travel.

This kind of belief is propping up Zhou Chengjian to be in the career henceforth, never had turned round, know exact thing, again great difficulty also can be overcome. “ people asks I do poineering work in have what difficulty, I had not felt to have what difficulty really, even if have bottleneck, feeling to overcome is happy ” .

Feel because of what want to cast off “ farmer ” , zhou Chengjian establishs a brand to give a name to him company when newly established for United States spy this the limited company that make the clothing, “ beauty is special this, sounding certain is the flavour that does not have a country. ” Zhou Chengjian says he is so simple think of a way actually at the outset.

Nowadays, zhou Chengjian's beauty is special this·State power already made Chinese sportswear outfit is retail the first brand, I think “ to turn urban number of households and total population into rural number of households and total population now impossible also ” . Answering the country that considers boyhood to live nowadays just is him the Zhou Chengjian of the most precious memory is laughing to say, case brings about this kind of his dualism to be fond of only do two kinds of businesses, one kind likes, one kind considers him proof, and let oneself feel “ is just as all the time to the passion of dress only drop into love net ” , “ gives me 10 thousand times opportunity option again, I still can choose dress this industry ” .

Zhou Chengjian says, so old come, beautiful country rejected the temptation that all sorts of diversity develop, have the opportunity that makes real estate, perhaps asset turned over ten times today, but the United States is special perhaps this·State power was done not have.

I become “ impossibly to have the person of money most, but I hope I can become the person that is agreed with inside a certain industry. ” appears on the market in beautiful country ceremonially, the Zhoucheng of sartorial one's previous experience is built to handed in place greatly to give an aureate small sewing machine, he says: I am the earliest the tailor that is a village, favour becomes Chinese tailor now, the hope still can become global tailor later.
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