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Rising roadblock grail chooses feminine duty field
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So if duty field female wheres to be in the circumstance of congenital weak force at the male relatively next promoting getting? Here alone beautiful profession adviser puts forward to notice in order to remind female friends with respect to the obstacle that when highlights.

The choice is all beginning

Perception, aesthetic feeling, communicate model He Zhihui, this is the female's peculiar temperamental attribute, also be a female from estate land a few large dominant positions are characteristic, and the trade that accompanies these character, seek advice for instance, management of resource of administration, financial, manpower is waited a moment, accord with female temperament attribute. And in recent years about circumstance of female industry choice a few investigation show, outside work besides manpower resource, law and seeking advice from course of study to hold lead dominant position from beginning to end, the position such as analysis of survey of the market, brand management, market, plan and public relations management also makes the new choice of duty field female. But how be in these not much trades more does essence of life find him occupational a home to return to definitely? Alone it is OK that beautiful profession adviser thinks have the aid of the method of a few major, do to arrange an analysis in detail to his immanent individual character, external capability, integrated trade situation decides industry post again cut a point. The choice suits professional road of the individual very much, regard the beginning of professional career as its.

“ dies at easy and comfortable ” , need has the state of mind that is not content with the current situation

Woman of the “ in Chinese traditional idea does not have the sequela that just is heart ” to still exist now, relative stability of the job is relaxed the first consideration when the choose course of study that is absolutely major now female, although young when once ambitious, but the growth as the age, the change of domestic situation, this kind of thought still can return dominant position. And this kind of thought is in later period job, very easy an expurgation of state of mind that gains promotion actively on post one most. Alone beautiful profession adviser thinks present duty field is medium, often meet to the competition of a position very intense, more or less can this encounter or to go up among them, or walks along the person's awkwardness, be based on the job to stabilize the consideration that avoids a risk, female nature is in this respect photograph relatively appear passive for the male shrink back even. For the female that promotes to a high office to hoping to get right now, appear with respect to what should avoid this kind of state of mind well, do not be content with the current situation, the resistance that when facing post actively to promote, encounters very be necessary.

A dark horse exists, when was not discovered by Baile, its existence with respect to no point
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