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Duty field strategics: Two of chloric suitable Bei of annals
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The anything that learns diligent superior to explain should endeavor to do, not lazy; The thing that did not tell should is opposite only the unit is advantageous, also want to be done actively.

Consult more encounter the problem that does not know to want to be consulted more to others, do not understand outfit understand, or put aside without giving thought to.

Little do not ask for leave casually, or do not ask for leave as far as possible, can let boss cause allergy otherwise.

Agree to bear hardships unit general metropolis gives very drab job the novice is done, let him take exercise, because of this new personality must can willingly bear the burden of hard works, no matter the work is much drab, want hard to had been done, do not think him waste one's talent on a petty job.

Be apt to gets along to just arrived a new unit, person and ” are the most important, want to be able to get along well with the colleague only, any difficulty can look for a person to help, unapt isolated without aid.

Avoid impulse new personality encounters a problem easy be swayed by one's emotions, love come straight to the point, the manner is curt, play simple, get guilty person easily, accordingly, processing anything wants to think thrice before you act.

Mo Ding bumps should establish good relationship with boss, everything should exercise restraint, institutional mild and indirect refuses, do not bunt at will.

Little mouth is alleged ” of Out of the mouth comes evil. , the thing that does not know does not express an opinion in disorder, lest make a laughingstock of oneself before experts.

Much study has opportunity and time to should accept all sorts of training more, in order to increase oneself working capacity.

Defend discipline to not be late leave early, dress appearance is neat, time going to work does not chat, do not do private affairs.

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