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Zhengzhou produces lithium battery to will help price of low report motor-car
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Sign up for Zhengzhou dispatch today " the lithium cell that uses us to develop, electric car price can be reduced two into. " yesterday, mei Zhiheng of director of research center of engineering of new material of battery of Zhengzhou city lithium tells a reporter, the battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron that provides technical support by this center produces an item, already development of new and high technology of settle Zhengzhou city, item next year can put into production.

Mei Zhiheng says, up to now, almost all electric motor-car are to rely on small-sized lead acid accumulator group provides pulse electric energy. But plumbic acerbity batteries not only volume is large, and be being made and reclaim the pollution in the process is serious. The statistical data that comes from Chinese bicycle association shows, motor-car of report of our country production is close last year 4 million, predict crop is in this year 7 million above. The reporter visits city of motor-car of nautical way cable to discover yesterday, the batteries of most report motor-car indicates batteries of the acid that it is lead.

According to businessman introduction, generally speaking, the weight of electric car batteries of 48 bend over is in 15 kilograms of above, a price 2000 multivariate report motor-car, batteries price is 400 yuan of ~600 yuan. Mei Zhiheng says, the cost of battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron, be equivalent to the 1/5 of common lead acerbity batteries, and pollution is lesser discharge amount is large, suit to make dynamical battery most.

The reporter learns from development of Zhengzhou city new and high technology, afore-mentioned projects had won Zhengzhou city progress and the approval that reform committee, after put into production of next year second half of the year, will produce per year iron of 3000 tons of phosphoric acid new-style lithium battery. According to Introduction Mei Zhiheng, project year industrial production value can amount to 2.7 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 459 million yuan.

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