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Dynamoelectric Che Qi moves new revolution- - dynamoelectric Che Qi moves module
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The service life of well-known report motor-car is controlled in a year commonly, because the problem of the service life of batteries restricted report badly,use the development of the car.
Battery life because the character of oneself (big electric current generates electricity to have serious effect to life) break through very hard somewhat so, our company excogitates a kind of new dynamoelectric bike to start module to cooperate batteries to use now, do in what when big electric current discharges, farad capacitance comes to discharge to protect batteries in order to achieve with.
Farad capacitance has service life to grow fill discharge time 50 W of 10 W ~ second above charges time weak point is full of for an instant, internal resistance is low suit big electric current to discharge.
Electric car exceeds class capacitor to start module introduction
Electric car starts module with super capacitor is bright and beautiful city a kind of when limited company of triumphant beauty energy develops new patent product, it divides composition by two; Super capacitor group and controller.
The energy that electric machinery of motor-car of the report of capacitance model group that finish is started or need needs when circumstance of big electric current. The starting efficiency that causes as a result of the external characteristic addle of air temperature low accumulator when northward winter especially drops problem, can get very good settlement.
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