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Energy of solar energy of the first own research and development compensates a c
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The product of travel of the Anhui province that just ends and originality are revealed on the meeting, the Anhui province is own of research and development fine jade motor-car of report of compensation of energy of raw solar energy was attracted numerous the look of the person that look around, industry expert and leader are evaluated highly to its, think its development foreground is tremendous, the solar energy energy that this is the first own research and development of our country compensates electric car.
The sources of energy is the major task that the whole world pays close attention to, motor-car of report of new energy resources is a way that prospective traffic develops.
Fine jade motor-car of report of compensation of energy of raw solar energy is motor-car of the first this kind of report, its working principle is: While report wastes electric energy ceaselessly in motor-car travel, use new-style changeover technology, store infinite sunshine resource change in accumulator for electric energy, want to have sun only, electric energy is OK in a steady stream compensates accumulator ceaselessly. When car is not used, can in time undertake charging to accumulator, rise to protect the action of accumulator deep discharge, add its service life. Car is in declivous when, electric machinery idling also can produce electric energy, use " his encourage controls a system " new technology, the electric energy that produces electric machinery compensates accumulator, form force of a retrorse apply the brake to make at the same time car decelerate.

It is reported, supervisory bureau of technology of quality of my the Anhui province invites expert of industry of automobile of province inside and outside this year, established standard of this product industry jointly, the industry standard that this also is motor-car of report of compensation of energy of the first solar energy of our country. According to saddle hill city director of tourism bureau swallow introduces, did not come 5 years, the demand that domestic travel market compensates electric car to solar energy energy is in about 5~10 10 thousand, relevant enterprise is well worth doing.

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