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Day produces: Concentrated force measures motor-car of report of research and de
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In July, day produces a car to be exhibited in British international car on exhibited to be based on day to produce Cube compact model the electric car of the car is archetypal, claim to will be in the implementation inside 3 years commercializes future.

Develop the power below coequal bulk to arrange the fuel cell set of 2 times

Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Canbin) report according to associated press, day produces Mitsuhiko Yamashita of vice-president of car research and development to expressed a few days ago, day produces a company will not follow abundant cropland and the pace of this cropland roll out mixture motivation special model, the acute that be like general this wait, is to will mix dynamical system embark only at having a model, day is produced use phone of research and development of concentrated force quantity the car.

Almost meanwhile, day produces a car to announced on August 6, 2008, development went to output power to be about so the group of new fuel cell of 2 times. Will this year the end of the year begins car test. Pass a diaphragmatic data by original carbolic instead thin metal, reduced batteries group size thereby, in the meantime, through improving velar electrode zygote (MEA) and improved generate electricity function.

The course is improved, the bulk of batteries group is narrowed by original 90L for 68L, 3/4 was before, and power raised 130kW by original 90kW, for 1.4 times original. If conversion is,be the same as bulk batteries group, criterion power rises for about 2 times original.

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