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Auto industry enters dynamoelectric period, BMW undertakes electric car experime
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Because the ceaseless violent wind of international oil price rises, auto industry entered dynamoelectric period gradually, car manufacturer BMW released to be used at its now " E-Minis " the field test of paragraph model.

In future inside a few months, BMW owns brand of car of British tradition miniature this those who come from Bavaria is luxurious model car manufacturer will release field test for many times, these field test will meeting focusing at electric drive, the company shows, measure will enclothe already ready many miniature is compact model car, these models are set in the factory of Oxford to make in BMW, will equip electric motor, and be in the field test of Munich be checked.

Pass this a series of the action, company hope can be in can effect maneuverability respect gains certain experience, be based on electric drive, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer expresses: "We hope can strong thrust is moved use mixture power, among them electric drive can be obtained 0 discharge. "

These field test will last 18 to 21 months, according to the view of BMW, they had obtained greater progress on the technology, this meant them to had entered the research and development of deeper administrative levels.

BMW rejects to disclose further about drive, the technicality of power source and electric equipment, the spokesman of the company admits to will different idea and application can check in the experiment merely, the development way that she still stresses these experiments showing prospective BMW further can be emphasized at much drive, clean derv, or E-car, the electric drive of the BMW that she also expresses these are relevant experiments general not just set of car of miniature of bureau be confined to

Will undertake reporting in year end about the detailed circumstance of electric drive

Besides BMW, the car of other Germany makes the research that OEM company also is having relevant field, willibert Schleuter of official of presiding research and development admits to also considering to make same model before a few months when accepting European EE Times to interview.

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