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Car of Olympic Games new energy resources is old 2008 beautiful
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Of new energy resources contend for a new peak can be reached during the Olympic Games.

Expert of quality of air of Olympic Games of a Beijing says, the 40% pollution that basically come from motor vehicle to the air pollution of 50% are discharged. As 2008 the drawing near of Olympic Games footstep, the energy-saving task that decrease a platoon more appear pressing be badly in need of. "During the Olympic Games, will realize traffic tail gas first inside area of place of 3.8 kilometers core 0 discharge. " 10 thousand steel show minister of ministry of Chinese science and technology. And this Beijing Olympic Games " green Olympic Games " " Olympic Games of science and technology " as advocate dozen, of Olympic " green revolution " the dark battle central point that makes car of new energy resources.

Begin from May, car of each great new energy resources begins opportunity of Olympic Games of have the aid of to come on stage again and again, last week, domestic own brand is dynamoelectric new day stock announces Che Xinjun, when abstruse meeting held Beijing Olympic Games and damage 2008, motor-car of 3000 of new day two rounds of report and 25 four-wheel and electric cars are travel inside each Olympic Games place and Olympic Games village.

It is new day stock only not just, still a lot of companies begin to start plan of Olympic new energy resources. On July 17, 50 lithium that by Beijing manage is versed in university and capital car company are developed are ionic batteries is pure electric passenger car will be on 3 public transportation circuitry such as line of core of Olympic Games village move; In addition, east wind car and the mixture motivation passenger car that research and development of one steam group produces will be in the Olympic Games is public transportation the operation on special railway line; By on the official business when the car of 20 fuel cell that lights masses of the motivation, university that be the same as aid, Shanghai to be developed jointly will serve as contest uses a car.

The demonstrative effect with tremendous Olympic Games is destined is the arena that Motor Corporation of domestic new energy resources shows him only not just, the platform that a lot of Motor Corporation that cross a state begins to use the Olympic Games likewise begins to popularize technology of his new energy resources energetically, include abundant cropland car and BMW car to meet what popularize oneself energetically during the Olympic Games to mix dynamical technology.

Car of Olympic Games new energy resources is old 2008 beautiful

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