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The masses hand in hand car of 3 modern research and development uses lithium ph
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Origin: New civilian evening paper

Masses automobile group charges with what the world precedes 3 foreign companies of Japan of cell development business concluded recently cooperative agreement, will develop the system of new-style and efficient high-powered batteries that is based on lithium ion technology hand in hand.

Dr. Wen Deen says president of masses automobile group: "Face future, the key development direction of masses car technology will be electric car and the automobile that provide more efficient internal-combustion engine. The car uses drive system electrification will be a program that settles prospective shift to need, this involves energy to reclaim technology. If do not have powerful harbour can system, if the requirement off the beat of the run mode of car and client, whole tentative idea is theoretic. Whole tentative idea is theoretic..

Nowadays, use a completely dynamoelectric drive, 0 discharged travel means to had become a possibility, but travelling speed and add sail course of development is very finite. Accordingly, the new-style and efficient batteries that development accords with prospective car demand in the respect such as capacity, bulk, weight and cost appears particularly important. Technology of lithium ion batteries has received very successful application in communication, electron and portable computer domain, also very much technical potential satisfies a car to use the slashing requirement of electric system.

This year Geneva car was exhibited in March on, masses automobile group revealed golf TDI (derv) the model car of mixture motivation car. This model is mix dynamical model strong in order to develop a power to be a target completely, it can be used already inside light engine to become motive force; OK also internal-combustion engine and electric power drive (electromotor) union is used, produce driving force jointly; Perhaps use electric machinery to serve as drive only -- system of power of the powerful motive force that the perfect combination that this is TDI technology and electromotor forms, tall efficiency car. In last time Tokyo car is exhibited on, the code name that Ao Di reveals has provided the dynamical assembly system that uses this innovation technology for the notional car of A1. The masses hopes to began to use technology of lithium ion batteries at the car 2010.

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