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Zhao Xuezhong of new day general manager: New day will with Olympic Games become
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In May 30 to on June 1, exhibition of motor-car of light-duty report of the 3rd China did not have stannic city in Jiangsu 2008 new sports center is held. Exhibit as the electric motor-car that has dimensions and force most one of, before the car that do not have stannum exhibits a course two ceaseless development and expand, had become home to have one of electric car grand meeting of person energy of life and appeal most. Current and electric car is exhibited meeting with " advocate green traffic, build energy-saving environment in all " for the theme, exhibit meeting to accumulate more than 15 thousand square metre, of dimensions achieve greatly all previous most.

Whole situation of motor-car of new day report supports motor-car of light-duty report of the 3rd China to exhibit

Current car is exhibited on, inc. of motor-car of report of Jiangsu new day exceeds luxurious battle array with fastening those who list a model completely strong appear. It is reported, amount to 266 the new day of smooth rice exhibits a stage is current and electric car exhibits the oldest brand to exhibit a stage, the image of new day brand that exhibits stage whole to design sufficient body to be united now and Olympic Games are relevant element, what offerred a vision to go up for broad electric car fan is gluttonous big eat, also performed a part to visit the customer of the spot " green " , " humanitarian " , " science and technology " the dynamoelectric Che Chengyan at an organic whole. This electric car is exhibited on, new day was brought amount to 10 ginseng to exhibit a model, cover below the banner 10 big range of products.

In this second new day exhibits a stage to go up, much place dash forward show " science and technology, green, humanitarian " everywhere of Olympic Games element is visible. The analysis thinks, new day is Beijing likely Olympic Games place is dynamoelectric 2008 car provider, classics reporter examines minutely again and again to should exhibiting station chief, this guesses be able to confirm. Opening ceremony that day afternoon, BOCOG official rents the plane that researchs new day company, visit new day to exhibit stage spot, confirmed this guesses again. Introduce according to the governmental official that is visited, motor-car of new day report is to be obtained exclusively pick the dynamoelectric bicycle brand that for Beijing Olympic Games all place and Olympic Games village provide a service.

Zhao Xuezhong of new day general manager introduces industry of motor-car of the report that do not have stannum to BOCOG official

BOCOG official inspects new day to exhibit a stage

"The become attached to of new day and Beijing Olympic Games is not accidental, " path of new day general manager Introduction Zhao Xuezhong agitato, "Wanting those who become the brand need that provides a service to the Olympic Games is the world's top-ranking character actual strength not just, need the brand actual strength of internationalization more! New day builds a car for Beijing Olympic Games, more all consumer build the electric motor-car that is worth reliance. New day does poineering work difficultly 10 years, hold to ' faster, taller, stronger ' Olympic Games spirit, will continue to make the electric car product that has gold quality. " it is reported, motor-car of new day report also is in Olympic Games that exhibits force of the bend on the stage to present degree of body to have something made to order is dynamoelectric car.
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