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Batteries of motor-car of useless old phone becomes abstraction raw material une
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Batteries of motor-car of useless old phone becomes abstraction raw material unexpectedly

The expert expresses to deal with at will batteries pollutes an environment easily

As electric car gain ground, the processing problem of useless old batteries is increasingly severe also rise, as we have learned, the life of batteries of general report motor-car is 1 only - 2 years. The reporter discovers in seek by inquiry of 3 days, many maintenance or the store that sell electric car manage batteries to answer midwifery meaning, and these useless old batteries are used to normally regard as " abstraction metal " raw material, about expert introduction, deal with at will useless old batteries pollutes an environment easily.

3 days morning, in Shijiazhuang Yo gift market motor-car of one home appliance maintains a dot, in order to process useless old cell, reporter and a man that maintain a dot chatted to rise.

"Does electric car batteries reclaim here? "

"Reclaim, a few do you have? "

"Have two groups 6, on the electric motor-car that is myself. "

"Together 25 yuan, you are taken. "

"Do these abandon old batteries what to use there is? "

"We are collected a certain quantity of, somebody sends a car to come over load pull. "

"What do they need these goods to do? "

"Basically be right useless old batteries undertakes machining handling, inside abstraction valuable metal. "

This man says, these National People's Congress that will receive useless old batteries are a SOHO more, these " SOHO " basically be the lead in abstraction batteries and other metal, because pollute,the environment must work secretly. Environmental protection branch is checked closely now, these " SOHO " bad to worked, the period of time before so electric car abandons old batteries price to compare fell many. "And we sell electric car to abandon old batteries to also have not little risk, if is checked by environmental protection branch, worked in vain. "

In the pagoda tree one home appliance of An Donglu moves car point of sales, the staff member says, here besides reclaim outside batteries, still can increase Qian Huanxin cell with batteries of old electric car. Subsequently, the reporter visited 78 dynamoelectric Che Weixiu or point of sales continuously, most to useless old batteries booth is nodded normally " accept everything " .

As we have learned, the cell that electric car uses generally is plumbic acerbity batteries, belong to easy bad news to taste, the term of service of brand batteries is 1 - 2 years, although plumbic acerbity batteries already was included directory of national danger trash, but execute without the regulation reclaim compulsively. The reporter abandons old batteries to reclaim from bureau of city town canal the office understands, to useless old batteries reclaim processing belongs to what high cost pollutes again to reclaim treatment industry, at present they just also undertake reclaiming sealing up for keeping to useless old batteries, in order to prevent contaminative environment. Accept the restriction of technology and condition, at present provincial capital processes the unit that handles useless old batteries formally without still.

Resource of Heibei Normal University and Chang Chunping of environmental science institute's associate professor introduce, small mill of lead of a few refine and reject buy a station to buy these to abandon old lead acerbity batteries, they do not have processing to machine a condition, after collecting valuable metal, optional dump, can pollute an environment badly. Useless old batteries or the residual incomplete fluid that handle batteries to stay enter water system in, cause the heavy metal pollution of water environment; Optional dump is in upper, pollute to edaphic environment likely, affect growth plant then. Often teach a proposal, the government should be strengthened guide, the proposal deals with centrally, had better develop a kind of good processing technology additionally, better reclaim use, the country encourages the enterprise of this respect to deal with.

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