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Hill of Tuo of Zhejiang province general is forbidden and dynamoelectric bicycle
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The 4th times the conference discusses standing committee of Zhejiang province National People's Congress to save people government to submit to through Zhejiang " scenery of hill of Tuo of Zhejiang province general scenic spot district regulations " (the following abbreviation " byelaw " ) . This byelaw will begin to execute on October 1 from this year. Zhejiang province reinforces views of pair of level of state of general Tuo hill further through legislation scenic spot the protection of the area and management, initiated legislation of provincial National People's Congress to protect the beginning of scenery resource.

It is reported, be in " byelaw " in regulation, administrative committee ought to take effective measures, perfect public traffic, safeguard transportation safety is expedite, reduce amount of blame motor vehicle stage by stage. Autocycle, tractor, dynamoelectric bicycle must not be inside beauty spot travel.

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