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What Zhengzhou hunts down to secondhand goods market is illegal and secondhand t
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On May 12, " Zhengzhou evening paper " print was sent " secondhand goods market hunts down two lorries illegal and secondhand bicycle " one article. 119 when involve in article are suspected of by pilfer bicycle, 31 days lay claim of owner of lost property in parking lot of Zhengzhou agriculture road.

It is reported, on May 10 morning, in crossing of dawn of Na Feng street to on the west inside market of 100 meters of one secondhand goods, one relies on pilfer to sell unifinication to come the two handcart inn of bicycle of “ management ” , by conceal 8 hours special policeman of squadron of make one's rounds of 5 groups night investigates the policeman, was suspected of be being installed fully by 119 bicycles of pilfer and a tricycle two lorries. Current, this case already turned over detect of punishment of substation of golden water public security 6 squadron make further investigation handle.

As we have learned, on May 30 afternoon, special policeman Wang Jianbin of political instructor of squadron of make one's rounds of 5 groups night says, 31 days 9 when, they will combine punishment detect 6 squadron are unified to be suspected of 119 times be being undertaken by pilfer bicycle return still. At the appointed time, owner of lost property can bring bicycle drive a vehicle this, the relevant and valid proof such as the bill that buy a car, Id, head for mouth of across of sequence of agricultural road sanded opening eastwards claim of parking lot of road of agriculture of north of 300 meters of roads.

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