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GB17761 of dynamoelectric bicycle GB edits the to the industry influence after a
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One, level of dynamoelectric bicycle state edits the 2nd times the circumstance after the newspaper is approved is summarized

From dynamoelectric in July 2002 bicycle country of grave standard edit project approving calculates case, draft via editing, ask for opinion, authorized, after to June 2003 first time newspaper is approved, receive the objection that produces a business partly: Repass argumentation, revise, authorized, after the 2nd times to 2005 the newspaper approves 1 2 month, should national label appoint the government such as the meeting asks about the branch, edit to the standard the ” of “ top speed in signing up for batch of draft, “ is truckload quality. The test that waits for index of technical safety performance, test and verify, up to now already last a period of time 5 years half. During, around “ top speed ” , “ is truckload quality ” , wait for controversy focus, of standard clause content make, experienced relapse instead answer make peace of argumentation, careful is revised.

Consume the competition do not have foreword with non-standard market and quality to superintend vacuum disorder state to end electric car at an early date, guide and promote electric car industry to enter standard, healthy development path as soon as possible. The country uses car issue to report take seriously and manage strength to already was increased stage by stage. This GB edits now case examine and approve an opinion finally what awaiting GB management department, but dynamoelectric bicycle new GB will come on stage to already did not have be concerned about in near future approval.

2, the impact state label of industry of dynamoelectric to our country bicycle after new GB approval is promulgated; Zhui GBl 7761 " dynamoelectric bicycle is general technical condition " edit the job plans next achieving to wait the 2nd times to sign up for the give an official that approve draft now from July 2007, already last a period of time 5 years half, edit the length of time makes a person plaint. Investigate its reason is enterprise of the part inside course of study and specific area to be mixed at the moment local interest, try every means should ask the technology that is not dynamoelectric bicycle to bring into the category of dynamoelectric bicycle standard, enjoy the treatment that is not motor vehicle, achieve its to enlarge the market thereby, enlarge the purpose of sale. But the branch that make a valve has an opinion, the ” of “ top speed that involves dynamoelectric bicycle among them and “ are truckload quality (weight) the problem of ” standard, it is the controversy central issue with manufacturing company and larger difference of the branch that make a valve all the time. So, did GBl 7761—1 999 of old to dynamoelectric bicycle GB edit after all what technology content is 7 often having newly between GB why to plant distinguish 7 current GB to edit does the newspaper approve draft and Laoguo mark phase does greater than having those again skill change 7 new? These, it is us the problem that dynamoelectric bicycle industry cares very. Understand the change of the ask technical content of new old GB at an early date, had made the preparative work that organizes production by new national standard and avoid, risk that reduces blind development to be tasted newly ahead of schedule to dynamoelectric bicycle business, adopting necessary step to should promulgate the influence after carrying out to new GB as early as possible is very necessary really.
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