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Shenyang urban district " 11 " case ban an autocycle
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On June 27, detachment of detachment of Shenyang city policeman grows Ning Jiabin to say, before 11 ” of “ , prohibit in the round on the urban road of less than of Shenyang city political circles autocycle is current. Detachment of Shenyang city policeman confirms about the personage ban rub concrete step is brewing in.

It is reported, 2006 the last day, shenyang municipal government allotted " the announce that manages about strengthening traffic of autocycle, dynamoelectric bicycle " . Decision from rose on January 1 in those days, the 48 streets road such as ave of Shenyang city youth, boreal hill ave prohibits autocycle travel, at the same time the 12 streets road such as street of boreal hill ave, Beijing prohibits dynamoelectric bicycle is current. Emphasize, autocycle of nonlocal license plate is banned likewise. Disobey " announce " person inspect a clue to be in with highest 20 thousand, lowest 50 yuan of the following amerce.

Since 2007, area of 3 annulus less than deals with autocycle license plate no longer. Shenyang municipal government puts forward clearly in announce, former on 2010 prohibit in the round inside bottom urban district the “ of autocycle start off is restricted greatly ” comes ahead of schedule on September 30, 2008. 2006 when the end of the year, shenyang shares commonage autocycle 17 thousand, still have many other place in addition, without the card, autocycle that does not have card, false license plate.

As we have learned, “ of road of 48 main markets is banned rub after ” , autocycle already from the swoon in ” of heat of traffic accident “ . 27 days, the reporter is in aunt of Shenyang peace, Shen He, emperor, iron the area waited to walk along circuit on the west, discover very rare autocycle appears in street, most citizen had gotten used to the day of electric perhaps without autocycle car.

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