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Xing Tai aids motor-car of force car phone to walk along motor-driven driveway h
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The habit is riding random of “ of the electric car, car that help strength to gallop the citizen of ” , will want to be careful henceforth. Nearly two days, because drive,already had many citizens violate the rules and regulations of the electric car, car that help strength is gotten punish sheet.

On July 9 early morning, from the citizen that defends the course that respect hillock Mr Zhang waits for red light when, stop oneself electric motor-car to motor-driven driveway at will. When a policeman goes by with high respect to him, he still looks around the ground looked a few times, realizing at all is he violated traffic regulation.

In one action hillock, one drives the youth of the car that help strength, after green light shined, had sailed from motor-driven driveway directly driveway. His a bit disregards a station to be among road the policeman that be on duty, until be barred fall by polite ground. When the policeman enquires, this youth does not know him right-down after all err what.

Develop the activity of traffic order punish that gives priority to with pedestrian and blame motor vehicle from the urban district since, similar phenomenon happens from time to tome. In two days, electric car and blame motor vehicle are inobservant traffic signal, enter the lamp to exceed a line, do not go each behavior of all sorts of violate the rules and regulations such as its path, make the focal point that policeman branch investigates.

Pedestrian and blame motor vehicle violate traffic regulation, can be in with 5 yuan of —50 yuan amerce. Two recently, the policeman is mixed to illegal electric motor-car the vehicle that help strength is main give priority to in order to persuade education, but also partial citizen is gotten accordingly punish sheet.

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