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" securing rules of transportation of road of Zhengzhou city town (draft) " carr
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According to " Henan daily " reporter report, on June 24, " securing rules of transportation of road of Zhengzhou city town (draft) " carry National People's Congress to discuss agenda. This draft puts forward to implement system of the management that register to dynamoelectric bicycle. If draft is obtained through, electric car will be united on brand management.

Zheng Hao of deputy secretary-general of Zhengzhou municipal government east making " byelaw (draft) " say when the specification, these a few years, dynamoelectric bicycle to large change, motorization way develops. Current, the road on Zhengzhou city rides 400 thousand of travel dynamoelectric bikes in, the product of “ unqualified ” that exceeds national level occupies 80 % .

But, if undertake strictly registering according to national level, in the electric motor-car that the citizen has bought, the majority does not have method to undertake registering according to blame motor vehicle. To moment, ” of “ black car is flush, " byelaw " can become a mere scrap of paper. " byelaw (draft) " make a provision to this, exceed bid to what before byelaw is carried out, already bought dynamoelectric bicycle, add after installing device to limit speed to perhaps take speed limit step, give register. After byelaw is carried out, buy exceed bid dynamoelectric bicycle, do not grant to register.

As we have learned, discussing " byelaw (draft) " be in order to abandon old establish new form, to what carried out on May 1, 1999 " regulation of transportation of road of Zhengzhou city town " edit in the round.

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