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Highway of Xiao Xiang of Hunan river highway: The pedestrian on trestle, electri
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South Hunan river highway paragraph, north of Xiao Xiang highway paragraph be open to traffic, citizen of Hunan river two sides goes out travel is more convenient. But policeman branch reminds, travel of speed limit of partial a section of a highway, car goes safety should notice when travel.

Along the line of Hunan river highway cancelled mouth of mouth of work way southing, emancipatory road southing, orange continent circle north of big bridge of path southing mouth, orange continent circles south the bridge greatly southing of road of path southing mouth, Zhongshan, turn around southward signal withholds battalion only dish road, people road two place. In Zhu Shan garden alley place adds one place signal lamp, opened central segregation to protect column, allow to turn around southward.

A section of a highway of part of Xiao Xiang highway designs speed per hour 60 kilometers, trestle of on Dan Xiangjiang highway 8 dock is one-way have two roadway only, speed limit is horary 40 kilometers. Trestle of full moon lake is one-way two driveway, design speed per hour 40 kilometers, car of mobile electron police will be nonsked catch in this a section of a highway take overspeed car, the purpose is to warn a driver cannot speeding.

In addition, policeman branch still reminds, prohibit on the trestle of Hunan river highway, Xiao Xiang highway, Changsha highway travel of pedestrian, electric car, prohibit jockeying at will on the bridge rest, appreciation scenery, must not change driveway and overtake at will. Current, hunan river highway, Xiao Xiang highway repairs the traffic facilities of a section of a highway and mark graticule newly to had reached the designated position, policeman branch hopes the citizen abides by traffic regulation, avoid traffic accident to happen.

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