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Removed dynamoelectric bicycle to wait to must not be on general Tuo hill on Oct
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" scenery of hill of Tuo of Zhejiang province general scenic spot district regulations " announced on media recently, according to orders provision, rose on October 1 from this year, hill dweller and operator must not manage Pu Tuo to the gender is raised or put in a suitable place to breed again cattle, also cannot raise cattle fowl in core scene area and dweller village; Autocycle, tractor, dynamoelectric bicycle also must not be on hill of general Tuo hill, Jia of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces travel.

It is reported, to reinforce view of general Tuo hill scenic spot division management, be protected effectively and reasonable use a landscape scenic spot resource, on May 30, zhejiang saves standing committee of 11 National People's Congress the 4th times the conference was passed " scenery of hill of Tuo of Zhejiang province general scenic spot district regulations " , carried out formally on October 1. The program that this byelaw applies to beauty spot, protection, use and manage, reinforced the nature such as system of landforms of islands of beaches of pair of beauty spot coast, rock, landform, water, vegetation, wild animal historic site of landscape and religious building, cultural relic, rub the humanitarian landscape such as cliff carved stone and its are located the scenery such as the environment scenic spot the protection of resource.

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