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Measure of government of Hubei report motor-car is being made on the card needs
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Rose on October 1, 2008, " Hubei province is carried out < law of safety of transportation of road of People's Republic of China > method " will apply formally. Will this go out what to change bring all right for our traffic? Yesterday, special interview of our newspaper reporter participate in draft " executive method " Su Jing of deputy director general of department of legal system of province Public Security Department, ask her to combine concerned clause to undertake unscrambling.

Saw us unscramble, expectation you can discover: The dynamoelectric bicycle start off that riding to have ” of “ registered permanent residence will be more dependable; Open illicit home car to go out encounter “ to bump into monkey ” to also need not be afraid of him; The child sits school bus, family takes long-distance car to answer native place safety to have more ensured ……

Register on the card needs to have 3 prooves

" executive method " regulation, to going up the dynamoelectric bicycle of transport travelling implements the system that register. The dynamoelectric bicycle that allow registers must accord with a country to be not standard of technology of motor vehicle security. Without registrant, must not go up transport travelling.

Deal with register ought to refer qualification of proof of antecedents of car everybody identification, car and car to prove. Management department of transportation of public security mechanism registers dynamoelectric bicycle of the condition to according with, will issue the certificate that register, travel card and date card.

Su Jing introduces, current, dynamoelectric bicycle already made the tool of ride instead of walk of a lot of masses, only Wuhan city has about 150 thousand at present. Dynamoelectric bicycle begins to register on after the card, relevant management is about to catch up with, in managing method to be being made at present, strive for early sunrise stage.

motor-car of report of proper control the city zone

" executive method " set at the same time, after provincial capital city and the newspaper of government office of city person civil administration that establish a division are approved via saving people government, can dynamoelectric to the city zone bicycle takes proper control step. Take control step, ought to hold a hearing, seek public opinion extensively.

Su Jing is emphasized emphasized “ 2 words of proper ” . She says, as a result of before did not undertake administrative to dynamoelectric bicycle, the dimensions of the person that dynamoelectric bicycle is used is expanding indefinitely, but too big, speed crosses power of presence of a few dynamoelectric bicycles to wait for safe hidden trouble quickly, taking control step is inevitable. But “ proper ” left whirly space for management, and control also is not governmental one-sided said to calculate, province government approval should be won on, next wanting that listen to public opinion.
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