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400 thousand dynamoelectric bicycle solves Hubei problem of " of " registered pe
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Many 400 thousand of the travel on ave lane dynamoelectric bicycle is saved in me, will fail to register all the time for years handle a brand. It is to be prohibited, be still permitted? Puzzle the problem of ” of “ registered permanent residence of their destiny, there was the result yesterday.

Yesterday morning, save standing committee of 11 National People's Congress the 5th times the conference is discussed through " Hubei province is carried out < law of safety of transportation of road of People's Republic of China > method " , " method " specific provision: Implement the system that register to the dynamoelectric bicycle of start off travel.

Basis " method " , the dynamoelectric bicycle that allow registers must accord with a country to be not standard of technology of motor vehicle security. Do not accord with a standard do not grant to register. Without the dynamoelectric bicycle that management department of transportation of public security mechanism registers, do not get start off travel. " method " return a regulation, deal with dynamoelectric bicycle to register ought to refer qualification of proof of antecedents of car everybody identification, car and car to prove. Management department of public security transportation registers dynamoelectric bicycle of the condition to according with, ought to register in time, issue the certificate that register, travel card and date card.

As we have learned, since dynamoelectric bicycle appears oneself, grow in controversy all the time. On May 1, 2004, new " law of road transportation safety " formulary report motor-car is blame motor vehicle, but the decision registers the management, limits of authority that how uses, transfer to a lower level gives a province one class government. The last few years, wuhan is dynamoelectric ” of blowout of bicycle occurrence “ , jump many 100 thousand, because cannot be registered,go up card, appeared for a time black car is disturbed the market, hurt a person to be found out hard by bike, car is stolen have no way is found out wait for multiple problem.

Last year in July, wuhan police is released " the announce that passes through about normative and dynamoelectric bicycle " , dynamoelectric bicycle violated a problem to have administrative basis, but because lack legal basis,register issue handling a brand, fail to solve all the time.

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