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Shenyang city has 12 streets road to prohibit dynamoelectric bicycle is current
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It is early two years ago, shenyang municipal government allotted " the announce that manages about strengthening traffic of autocycle, dynamoelectric bicycle " . The decision rises from January 1, 2007, the 48 streets road such as ave of Shenyang city youth, boreal hill ave prohibits autocycle travel, at the same time the 12 streets road such as street of boreal hill ave, Beijing prohibits dynamoelectric bicycle is current.

Recently, shenyang city issues give public notice again, former on 2010 prohibit in the round inside bottom urban district the “ of autocycle start off is restricted greatly ” comes ahead of schedule on September 30, 2008. And the punishment that violates compasses start off to electric car by raise 50 yuan 30 yuan at the outset, and relevant personage discloses, dynamoelectric bicycle also is met the follow of pace autocycle, ban the issue that is a time only all right in the round.

It is reported, prohibit the 12 streets route with dynamoelectric current bicycle is: Market of labor of the highroad of seat of government of road of station of road of ave of boreal hill ave, Beijing street, youth, China, Zhongshan road, north, city, benefit (benefit work is extensive to municipal government square) , triumphal ave (south 5 driveways come north 2 driveways) , start China market (construction. The reporter sees in the way that these undertaking, there basically is electric car start off rarely by day, and arrived in the evening, electric car and bicycle move back and forth between these road euqally, “ ban ” became a mere scrap of paper.

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