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Nanchang will begin dynamoelectric bicycle gasoline engine to help the traffic o
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Establish activity of countrywide civilized town to be begun deep, the traffic with exert oneself outstanding punish violates act, perfect traffic safety establishment, the traffic behavior of normative citizen, build civilized, orderly, safe, expedite road transportation environment, nanchang city decision comes since now on December 31, road transportation order is begun inside whole town limits integrated punish activity.

It is reported, force car is helped in special punish in, nanchang city public security hands in tubal bureau to will begin dynamoelectric bicycle, gasoline engine to help order of force bicycle traffic special punish. Supervisory bureau of Nanchang city industrial and commercial bureau, city quality technology strengthens motor-car of whole town report, gasoline engine to aid force car to sell the punish of the market further, from the control on fountainhead motor-car of report exceeding bid, gasoline engine aids force car to be sold in the market. Nanchang city public security hands in tubal bureau organization to aid force bicycle to deal with to dynamoelectric bicycle, gasoline engine pass through temporarily mark and job of light autocycle driver's license. Begin from August, move bicycle, gasoline engine to aid force bicycle to be not dealt with to road electrify pass through to indicate and do not press formulary travel, chaos to stop chaos to put temporarily wait for traffic to violate behavior to undertake correct is in educational.

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