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Place gymnastical slide vehicle, car of 3 rounds of slide, breaststroke slide ca
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Product brief introduction:
1, suit layers of all sorts of age of male and female, it is equipment of a kind of recreational fitness, athletic fitness, yi Xueyi understands 2, suit modern carry momentum is little, and want strong and handsome the person that leave half body
3, learn to be met, part play, motion lets a child be far from at an organic whole dynamoelectric toy and get online
4, move like natant breaststroke, outside wanting double leg only, be stretched and call in, can make nature of breaststroke sports car ongoing
5, breaststroke sports car can promote ham inside sarcous athletic volume
6, control of rear wheel brake, let ride the person that multiply to hold accuse freely, can follow ride control of random of the person that multiply to change direction
7, double stop slippery mat design can increase ride the person that multiply to stand different position, in order to increase interest sex
8, rear wheel uses PU perfusion annulus, collocation sways glide control bedspring, make rear wheel nature glides with swing repeatedly, spend in order to increase a speed of advance
9, use fast outfit structure, tear open outfit is easy, carry convenient
The car that twist drive - need not report need not walk, twist will twist go can going sail - faddish and Euramerican incompetent source is recreational car.
This car not only do not need report to also do not want oil, do not divide field to need you to twist front-wheel drive a few times only, the edge twists edge travel. Can take a step, but damask experienced body. With one action is counted
Method 1, double foot steps respectively in breaststroke slide car on two footplate, bipod adds up to the motion that makes breaststroke type gently, the direction that can master according to you gently glided.
Method 2, support body centre of gravity can do pattern type to shake skid goes.
Method 3, twist waist limb does curve of the style that do a flower to glide
This product can enjoy the fun of the breaststroke on land, use simple Yi Xueyi to use, weight is light portable zone is convenient, rear wheel has distinctive brake high to make you safer in use process more optional.
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