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Breaststroke slide car
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  • Product model:
  • Supply means:
  • Referenced price: 140
  • Appear on the market time: 2008-09-09
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  • Product standards:
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Product brief introduction:
One, product standards
1, good-sized 8 inches: 160 yuan
Although be to be design of adult prefectural commissioner's office, but the children that also can see many years old 10 of a lot of is riding row. 8 inches of PU that sway the car has 8 inches annulus those who mix 150 kilograms is the biggest bear force. Take up after 8 inches of fold lesser space. Can very easily find a place for in the mothball box in car. Because use 8 inches of large wheel, drive the rate of travel so faster, highest and OK reach hour of 30 kilometers / . Suit height to be used in the adult of 170CM or above quite.
2, middle-sized 6 inches: 140 yuan
Agree with 11 years old quite or slant a few larger crowd, adult or the lady is used. She has 6 inches PU annulus those who mix 90 jins is the biggest bear force. Take up after fold lesser space. Can very easily find a place for in the mothball box in car. 6 inches of automobile body that sway the adoption of the car is weighed 8 kilograms, the batholith of the car is lower at the same time, stability is much better, suit to be mixed uphill very much declivous, be a few people that like freestyle to glide love most.
2, color and specification
This product has a variety of color, because belong to goods of foreign trade beyond, in the meeting on color exterior and objective somewhat difference, particular case is with objective accurate.
3, product ability explains character:
3 rounds when foreign trade exports sway the car has very high technology to ask on outer view and performance quality. The sclerosis that pledges to material greatly is handled, small there is very big distinction with average car on quality to a screw. Will make with the requirement of athletic equipment. Decrease brace up never slip with telescoping tube. Car of 3 rounds of slide, the most fashionable sports is recreational new sense. As long as gently twist steering wheel can cycle easily exercise. Highest speed per hour hour of 30 kilometers / . Choose complex material to pledge as main body bracket, light and durable; PU wear-resisting annulus, sanded ground is used do not be afraid of; Double footplate is stuck have stop slippery cloth, have more reliable motion security.
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