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Take lamp slide car
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  • Product model: CD05
  • Supply means:
  • Referenced price: 0
  • Appear on the market time: 2008-09-09
  • Product brand:
  • Product standards: 71 X 38 X 53cm
  • Product ability is qualitative:
  • Product Tag:
Product brief introduction:
Model: CD05
Truckload dimension: 71 X 38 X 53cm
Suttle: 10kgs
Outside box dimension: 72 X35 X 26cm/2pcs
Batteries: 24V 4.5AH
Electric machinery: 100-120W
Speed per hour: 12km/h
The journey: 6-8km
Carring capacity: 70kgs
Tire: Oak rubber tyre, 6 " holds Buddhist templeput on the brakes in the arms
Transmission system: Synchronous belt

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