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2008 3 husbands club 11 long term activity
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2008 3 husbands club 11 long term activity: Find the stay away from home of the dream, library cloth neat desert passes through
Mobile caption: [library cloth neat desert passes through]
Mobile time: [on September 30, 2008 - on October 4]
Get Team: [the Jade Hare-the moon]
Team member number: [10 people embark on a journey, 20 people upper limit]
Sign up up to: [on September 25, 2008 in the evening at 8 o'clock or quota of people is full]
Collect fees type: [cost of 1300/ person bag is made, do not contain liaison man going there and back]
Mobile level: [in high strenth, pedestrian cruel go]
Kubuqi is the 7th big desert of Chinese, average year of rainfall only 250 millimeter left and right sides. Wind is overflowed madly dene, vegetation is few and far between; Desert is called the earthly cancer that cannot administer; Kubuqi is distance capital Beijing is the closest, and sand and dust big desert of 2 hours of attainable. Its sight is magnificent beautiful, scene is distinctive. Arch one's back of just like of 700 lis of Yellow Rivers, meandering east the boundless and indistinct and desert just like that go a bundle of Gong Xian, formed tremendous golden segment of a circle, if big desert vast, endless flow is taken, sha Haicang boundless and indistinct, morning sun is perfectly round, if the poem is catenary of picturesque crescent dune, infrequent sand of ridge in a field and alveolate connect a dune to wait for manito of a lot of and desert landscape to surprise, it is the big desert scene of former juice raw ingredient. Desert, to the ass person for want you to be experienced attentively only, with respect to the beauty that can discover Sha Haishen manages hold in store, the noisy Sha Damo of vast boundless, clear sky 10 thousand lis, scorching, pure sand does not have hard rock, without miscellaneous dirt, the configuration of dune each different, daring is baronial, give a person in order to deliver the shock from the heart. This second pass through circuit landforms compares abundant to be full of: Beach of desert, sanded ground, grass, desert river, mud, Sha Shan, oasis.

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