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Exhibition of fitness of Chinese gem gal
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China International yoga gymnastical exhibition
Invitation letter

Time: On April 24, 2008 - 27 days Place: Center of exhibition of conference of new international of city of Chengdu • century

[support an unit particularly] government of people of the Chengdu City

[sponsor an unit] international is recreational industrial association Collaboration organizes safety of U.N. international zoology
Association of China International famous brand Sichuan saves recreational culture seminar
Shaanxi saves recreational culture association Example Chinese magazine
[undertake unit] Chengdu world exhibits commerce to engineer limited company Beijing always limited company of adviser of fine originality public relations

[supportive unit] province of Sichuan of research center of recreational economy of China of Chinese people university is strong and handsome, strong and handsome do institute
Chinese travel develops a center Sichuan saves tourism bureau
Sichuan saves sports dancing association Association of Sichuan province mountain-climbing

[special support media] Chengdu daily China on the west Metropolis Daily Net of Chinese general travel Chengdu lies fallow net
Happy vivid China Net of Chinese gem gal Net of fitness of entire good fortune Chinese fitness net
Fitness 114 Gem gal net Net of Asian gem gal Network of gem gal information
39 healthy nets Chinese dress net Chinese gem gal is online Gem gal - love is beautiful net

, [congress setting]
To 2015, the developed country will be entered in the round " recreational times " . As the developing country, this one trend of our country already also was shown. Face coming recreational period, the integral development of the travel city that goes up to a few traditional senses and figure locate, raised taller requirement. It is just about under this one big setting, the in a popular style that has global sense is recreational the times is coming, recreational industry will become the next to sweep across the economic tide of the world, lie fallow to also will become a kind of when 21 centuries mankind lives main feature.
Sichuan Chengdu is famed far and near " the land of abundance " , be decided to be center of the science and technology of southwest, trade, banking and traffic and signal center by the State Council. Very new name is returned in China a few years ago " recreational economy " , already also evolved into new industry and economic phenomenon a few this years in Chengdu, lie fallow among them club of landed, recreational travel, rural consumption, fitness, drive oneself swim, " 5 2 lifestyle " etc, became the popular topic of businessman, government and attention of common people height. As people living standard rise, the drawing near of 2008 Olympic Games, "Fitness of the whole people and Olympic Games person of the same trade " of the activity spread out, people is violent with each passing day to gymnastical consciousness, make gymnastical industry develop quickly. Yoga has entered the life of people as the vogue of a kind of fitness, make a when the city fashion with 21 the most popular centuries lives important mark sadly.
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