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The 9th China (justice black) international sock, knitting and catch whole mecha
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"The 9th China (justice black) international sock, knitting and catch " of whole mechanical exhibition will in November 2008 18-20 day saves small commodities city of China of justice black city to be able to exhibit a center to be held once more in Zhejiang, "The 2nd China (justice black) international knits belt and " of clothing machinery exhibition and " the 2nd China (justice black) " of exhibition of international knitting yarn also holds the corresponding period.
This second activity aims to carry out office of trade of the classics outside fulfilling Zhejiang to save government, Zhejiang to concern develop energetically can exhibit course of study to indicate spirit, carry out implement scientific progress concept. According to the principle of " fairness, just, open " , province of Zhejiang of comprehensive, objective evaluation exhibits trade situation, innovation industry, establish a brand, stimulative meeting postpones the development with better, stronger, quicker course of study. The acquisition of this one special honour provincial capital of leader of since Zhejiang province, Zhejiang exhibits guild, Zhejiang to save spin industry to be opposite the affirmation that machine of socks of " justice black exhibits " effect, also be the development that postpones " to accelerating machine of socks of " justice black, promote professional service the standard further lash and invigorate.

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