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Fireworks of Olympic Games opening ceremony sets off azimuth schedule
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1. Always decide the door south
2. Always decide a north
3. Always decide garden of the floret austral square of door north side center
4. Always decide a boreal side square most north is carried
5. Crossover theater east side street heart garden square
6. The Temple of Heaven is street dypass edge makes the same score agency on the west
7. Front door east near alley of mouth of road delicacy fish clearing
8. Clearing of horn of southeast of wool chairman memorial hall
9. clearing of open door and center of Chairman Mao memorial hall
10. Clearing of people hero monument and ensign lever center
11. Working people culture the clearing inside Gong Dong door
12. Door-god of north of the Imperial Palace the square before fierce door
13. End door ensign protects armed escort courtyard inside
14. The ground installs Lu Xicao of the ave inside the door
15. Before the sea east side fire the clearing before fane door
16. Belfry is mixed between drum-tower parking lot
17. North clearing of park of 2 annulus city
18. Drum-tower Wai Street east side " the Workers'Daily " company backyard meadow
19. Drum-tower Wai Street east side too pole by Hua Qing building
20. Drum-tower Wai Street on the side of China army guesthouse road surface
21. The clearing inside house of Chinese science and technology
22. Playground of academy of Beijing people police
23. North of earthy city park gate open space
24. Boreal Chen Ludong side cleanness car inside 4 factories
25. The trestle outside Ximen of abstruse body center go up
26. Country to abstruse center football ground clearing
27. Square of Juyongguan Pass Great Wall

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