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Show of opera of Beijing of section of the seventh evening of the seventh moon i
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Modern drama " remnant young woman "
Brief introduction: This play is in order to draw near 30 years old the female discusses city affection to live for the perspective, tell about network society date story. >> examine capital theater map positional information and the course that take a car
Place: Person art small theater
Time: On July 30, 2008 - on August 23
Opera youth edition " peony booth "
Brief introduction: " peony wells balanced " it is Chinese romantic literature the love with one the most puissant post " red of revive from death " .
Place: Mei Lanfang great theater
Time: On August 5, 2008 - on August 10
The Angela after concert Europe song - concert of George black solo
Brief introduction: Angela - George black is an operatic myth, it is the operatic empress with current world operatic spotless group.
Place: People congress
Time: On August 7, 2008
The film " Li Mi guess "
Brief introduction: Come 4 years, li Mi is seeking his fiance square language all the time. 4 years ago, the two people of treat of marriage because of Li Mi's parents object and part company, square article do sth in a fit of pique leaves. Come 4 years, li Mi always can receive Fang Wen to write her letter, never send letter address however however. Li Mi keeps searching in journey everyday, expectation can when little clew.
Place: Whole town each great movie theater
Time: Show since August 7, 2008

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