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The international motion with the largest scale of area of the hamster in 8 year
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SPORTLIFE2008 is the international motion with the largest scale of area of middle east Europe and sporting goods exhibition. Add as the enlarge of the ceaseless and rapid development of European economy and country of European Union member, economy of graduate of market of middle east Europe grows the fastest Europe area, year grow on average rate for 20% above, as people sports consciousness strengthen ceaselessly, of international motion and sporting goods also certainly will is become have latent capacity to consume the market most. And SPORTLIF offerred business affairs of a first-rate to reveal the commerce platform that communicates with collaboration in European market fitly!
Ginseng extend range:
Kit acts the role of: Knapsack of of all kinds sprotswear, sneaker, motion and of all kinds cap reach relevant adorn article
Athletic equipment kind:
1. Outdoors exercise things: Mountain-climbing, ski, bivouac, fishing, ball kind (all sorts of balls such as golf and relevant fittings kind) relevant product
2. Indoor fitness equipment: Indoor amateur and equipment of professional and large, small-sized fitness 3. Bicycle, continuously all sorts of car of platoon annulus, slide, functions become car, spare parts, tool to wait
4. Boat and various aquatic sports: Houseboat, mosquito craft, caique, surf, slippery water, swim, things of phreatic water series and deploy
Street is recreational motion kind: Recreation and recreational activity

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