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2008 exhibition of things of Guangzhou body building
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2008 exhibition of Guangzhou body building things
When Between: In September 2008 25-27 day
Exhibit an address: Center of exhibition of Guangzhou new gymnasium
Guangdong is the forward position that recreational industry expands countrywide sports, at present Guangdong is amounted to via often joining the number of physical training 26 million, sports population is as high as 37% . As Beijing Olympic Games hold, Guangzhou will be held 2010 " games of the 16th Asia " , shenzhen was held 2011 " games of undergraduate of the 26th world " , the sports industry of Guangdong is sure to welcome a great development opportunity, also be manufacturer of domestic and international sporting goods is entered at the same time inferior the optimal opportunity of carry market, China market.
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★ All sorts of fitness equipment, appliance: Duo  exemplaries pedal of  of the ⒒ that hand in  exemplaries げ of the ⑻ that hand in  hands in be good at abdomen of? of humorous of pregnant of Chen of ∩ of ⒔ of Sui of screen of ⒀ of Sui of ⒏ of Jie of La of ∩ of ⒔ of  of nobelium of  ⒔ ∑ ancienting name for a water catltrop implement, boxing appliance, jump the appliance of bed, combination fitness, machine that swing fat, , walk with vigorous strides implement, row implement, appliance of fitness of power equipment, family equipment, method;
★ Equipment of the fitness outdoor: &Nbsp; elliptical machine, too extremely soft push implement, humeral joint recovers implement, lumbar back massager, sit push training implement, sit pull training implement, machine of ramble of wearing of straighten one's back, turn waist implement, force of circle of swing, balance platen, part of speech, seesaw, pedal implement, upper limbs
★ Motion protects: Protect head, shoulder pad, protect hand, elbow support, wrist support, waist support, leg guard, kneecap, aggregate motion etc;
★ Gymnastical place equipment, establishment, fitness of club of happy recreational facilities, fitness and administrative system, community meets Kang Tiyu place and administrative system;
★ Massage fitness appliance: &Blood circulation of massage chair of massage club of Nbsp; massage hammer, massager, gas machine Massager fetterses;
★ Constitutional testing instrument: Stopwatch, motion is recreational watch, rhythm of the heart detects watch, mark a step implement, electronic watch;
★ Product of all sorts of motion nutrition, health care, thin body, fitness kind books, magazine is symphonious resemble product;

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