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Chinese feather star uses beat model table
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Player citizenship Player full name Use at present take type Once used take type
China Xia Xuan lustre Yonex CAB-20
China Chen Hong Yonex Ti-10 Yonex CAB-20
China Ji Xinpeng Yonex CAB-20
China Yonex Ti-10
China Chen Yu
Zhang Jun
Yonex ISO-TOUR-800
China Zhou Mi Yonex Ti-10
China Gong Rui that Yonex MP-100 Yonex Ti-10
China Gong Zhichao Yonex Ti-10
Yonex ISO-Ti-Swing-Power
China Dai Yun Yonex Ti-10
China Tall 崚   of Yonex ISO-TOUR-800
China Huang Sui Yonex Ti-10
China Yellow Nan wild goose Yonex Ti-10
China Yang Wei Yonex Ti-10
China Zhang Jiewen Yonex ISO-TOUR-800
China Force of Yi of the Kingdom of Wei Yonex ISO-TOUR-800

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