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Travel of 2008 Tianjin international, recreational articles for use reachs gymna
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Place: Tianjin sports center
◆ mahjong, full automatic mahjong machine reachs all sorts of mahjong engine a replacement, chess kind, facilities of instrument, production reachs printing machine of playing card and relevant product, playing card the technology;
◆ sauna establishment, swim things of sufficient bath of equipment of massage product of things of body of beauty of things of machine of pool establishment, hydrotherapy establishment, hot spring establishment, sunbathe, recreational health care, hairdressing, massage, sufficient cure, bath and nurse series;
The ◆ massager, massage chair, fitness chair, machine that swing fat, ran machine, be good at abdomen implement, car of gymnastical ball, fitness, pulling force implement, equipment of barbell, dumbbell, skip, boxing, jump method of circle of bed, part of speech, fitness, constitution determines equipment, Kang Tiyu;
Exhibit reach advertisement to collect fees
1. International standard exhibits: 3M × 3M, ¥ 5500 yuan / (include: Field is expended, 3 are exhibited board, electrical outlet of lintel light canal, power source, one desk two chair,
Clean cost, security personnel cost, acting illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body) , appoint exhibit, horn is exhibited add close 10% .
2. Indoor light ground(case hire: 36 ㎡) : ¥ 550 yuan / ㎡; The smooth ground outdoor
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