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Travel of 2008 Tianjin international, recreational articles for use reachs gymna
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Propagandist promotion
1. Public media: Daily of Chinese travel journal, international business newspaper, Tianjin, daily the conduct propaganda on the much home media such as TV station of wall bulletin of new newspaper, city, Tianjin is exhibited meeting.
2. Database promotion: Use those who sponsor an orgnaization to abound to buy domestic client natural resources to divide second mail directly propagandist data, invite extensively buy the home to attend a meeting look around. Exhibit before can kicking off, special still buy the home to undertake the key invites to high quality through guild, chamber of commerce.
3. Major exhibits meeting promotion: In global the conduct propaganda on held relevant fair is current exhibit meeting, confront a client directly, understand client requirement, add new service content ceaselessly.
4. Key client invites: Print 200 thousand pieces of visiting certificate, 50 thousand invitation letter in order to mail, fax, distribute, room of card of center of orgnaization of communication of culture of place of the tourism bureau that the means that report mails sends past Tianjin and vicinity to visit an area, travel agent, recreational public place of entertainment, recreational meeting, tea, fitness, chess;
5.Website promotion: Net of recreational health care of net of net of Hui Cong net, Chinese recreational articles for use, equipment of Chinese health care, China, international is net of Kang Tixiu idle, medium body net of outdoors equipment of net of abstruse resource net, Chinese sporting goods, China, China is outdoors use, in domestic and international famous dragnet the station is registered exhibit meeting information, will exhibit in time meeting latest news is released on the net, use electron of Internet wide hair to invitation card, fast transmission exhibits meeting information.
Assistance byelaw
Publicize as interactive as the enterprise effect in the round to be achieved adequately, current exposition list of sincere action coronal, assistance unit 3. Coronal name and assistance unit must achieve: Enterprise dimensions actual strength of big, economy credit of reliable, industry spends quality of abundant, product tall(detailed data calls an organizing committee please).
Ginseng extend a program
1. Ginseng exhibit an unit to fill in in detail please " ginseng extend an application form " build official seal, send or fax to the organizing committee. Exhibit charge to collect an organizing committee to assign account at will be being joined inside 5 days. Exhibit allocate arrive to be arranged orderly early or late with the paragraph, the forehead stops namely completely.
2. Ginseng exhibit business to be after remit charge, must fax bank money order bill or mail to the organizing committee, so that check.
3. The organizing committee is in affirm after signing up, at before the meeting 30 days to ginseng exhibit an unit to send " consult advice note of the initiate that postpone business " .
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