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2008 Chinese game (entertainment) equipment trades order goods meeting
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Report of the 7th China International plays exhibition and Chinese game (entertainment) equipment trades order goods can
Show time: On September 6, 2008, 8 day
Show a location: Dalian world reads extensively square (area of F of square of Dalian star sea 10)
China International report played exhibition to hold 6 already successfully in Chinese Dalian, Shenyang, exhibition has made the exhibition with the most significant opportunity of Chinese large market, china International report plays exhibition to already became travelling merchant of plane of sport of China and foreign countries to reveal, the arena with the mainest conduct propaganda. Exhibition becomes Chinese report to play a trade annual communicating the mainest platform of the party.
Save by industry of economy of Chinese culture ministry, Japan, the autumn will be in the forum of industry of culture of the Three Kingdoms that ministry of Korea culture sightseeing sponsors jointly this year Chinese Dalian is held, forum of industry of culture of Sino-South Korean day establishs at was in Chinese Shanghai 2002, annual, already held 6 at present. Ordinal hold by turns in the Three Kingdoms of China, Korea, Japan. Current forum holds 3 days, main content involves game, move free, digital music 3 large trades. Industry of game of medium, day, Han will become the main content of this second forum, during the activity, numerous tycoon will assemble in industry of game of the Three Kingdoms Dalian, communication of delibrate each other and collaboration, develop jointly. Report of the 7th China International plays exhibition to will serve as serious content of the activity, build tripartite to communicate cooperative platform, game of seminar of high level of game of the Three Kingdoms, China will be held during (entertainment) trade order goods meeting, medium, day, Han Dian plays a series of activities such as dual meet, the communication that strengthens industry with this and interactive. Chinese report plays exhibition to be in the 7th year, the hour that receives milepost.

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