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2008 Fujian exhibition of equipment of fitness of the 3rd family expenses
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2008 Fujian exhibition of equipment of fitness of the 3rd family expenses
Time: On October 26, 2008, 28 days of places: International exhibition center of the Fuzhou City
[sponsor an unit]
Industry of equipment of fitness of China of seminar of Asian fitness equipment learns Guild of equipment of Fujian Province fitness
[supportive unit] Zhejiang of government of people of Fujian Province of government of Guangdong province people saves people government
[undertake unit] international exhibition center of the Fuzhou City
[media supports] network of Chinese massager ability
[show program]
Report for duty cloth exhibits: In October 2008 24, 25 days
Opening ceremony: On October 26, 2008 morning 9: 30
Showpiece time: On October 26, 2008, 28 days
Remove extend time: On October 28, 2008 afternoon 3: 00, 20: 00
Health is the lasting topic that the mankind goes after, lost existent value without healthy mankind. As people culture standard of living rise and " fitness of the whole people plans compendium " carry out stage by stage, the gymnastical consciousness of people increases in year after year, "Just a little one " the project advocates community to provide room of activity of fitness of sports of one place above, advocate every family to own equipment of fitness of an above sports, this is scale of gymnastical equipment market grandiose blue print: If have 5 people consideration on average with every, and every family is calculated only with owning an equipment, odd with respect to this, the whole nation needs 200 million 4 ten million! This simply the world of it may be said the first market, the person that make gymnastical equipment industry hopes to do his utmost to make big cake. To comply with the development demand of the market, in the huge system project that strengthens construction of physique of the Chinese nation and health protection of preserve one's health in advocate, face so huge market, all-time development climax. Let us carry a hand to come, promote " 2008 Fujian exhibition of equipment of fitness of the 3rd family expenses " the joint development with the world, share fruit of plentiful and substantial in development together.
[previous term or session is exhibited can review]
Exhibition of equipment of fitness of the 3rd family expenses begins from 2004, breed meticulously through organizing an unit, heretofore already last a period of time two. More baronial than a dimensions, the influence is more and more far-reaching, already developed now make southern region scale the biggest, attend the gymnastical equipment brand with maximum number to exhibit meeting, the ginseng that had a large number of securing exhibits business and professional audience.
Previous term or session is exhibited already can conclude at winning 6 years in October, congress attracted 405 enterprises ginseng to exhibit, cover country 18 provinces city and abroad 8 countries and area, exhibition area amounts to 15000 smooth rice, professional audiences to amount to 68786 people, the corresponding period held gymnastical equipment line of business to develop autograph of spot of representative of trend forum, distribute to make an appointment with new technology of ceremony, new product to popularize meeting and 6 technologies to communicate a seminar, the country such as Euramerican, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and middle east all has look around bulkily purchase a group to attend a meeting look around purchase, waited for tens of home media to have a story to congress by Guangdong TV station, Fujian TV station and Fujian daily, exhibit can gain huge success.
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