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"The 4th Shandong is concessionary join in chain exhibits " invitation letter
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Invitation letter

Extend meeting arrangement
Cloth extends time: On October 8, 2008, 9 days
Show time: On October 10, 2008- - 12 days
Remove extend time: On October 12, 2008 afternoon at 4 o'clock
Show a location: Jinan Shun agrarian international exhibition center (Shandong. Jinan Shun agrarian region 28)
Sponsor an unit: Commission of trade of economy of province of Shandong TV station, Shandong, Shandong saves intellectual property bureau
Undertake unit: Shandong TV station, Shandong saves medium and small businesses to be mixed external international exhibition center of Shun Geng of harmonious center, Jinan
Extraordinary cooperation: Chain of newspaper of Hong Kong business, Taiwan joins in the intermediary in stimulative association, Beijing inspects trade ad limited company, business chance online
Assist run an unit: China (Hong Kong) chain of province of management association of chain of city of management association of chain of city of management association of concessionary management association, Jinan city chain, Shanghai chain management association, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangdong manages association, Fujian Province to interlink city of management association, Shenyang to interlink management association
Media support: TV station of newspaper of business of times of gazette of evening paper of newspaper of Chinese management newspaper, sweet Hongkong's trader, Qi Lu, economy, fortune, Jinan times, Shandong, Shandong, Jinan TV station, " contemporary sale " , " start rich period " , " the masses becomes rich guideline " .

One, ginseng extend range:
(one) concessionary management chain joins in enterprise
Dress, act the role of category: Cap of monopolistic, shoe, skin provides dress, garment, adorn article, wash clothes articles for use of chain, household;
Meal serves kind: Building of cake of house of medium, Western-style restaurant, coffee, cake, biscuit, tea, chaffy dish, barbecue, food and drink;
Recreation of culture and education kind: Chain of chain of books, stationery, educational training facilities, sportswear Wu chain, of all kinds culture, recreational tourism chain, KTV chain, fitness chain, beautify hair chain of hairdressing thin body;
Medical Protection kind: Equipment of things of drugstore, health care, fitness;
China old name: Company of old name of of all kinds China.
Integrated kind: Things of supermarket, convenience inn, baby child, strong imprint hairdressing of chain of monopolistic, communication, electric car, car reachs service of information of chain, network, network, computer maintenance chain, intermediary serves an orgnaization chain, building materials chain, remove family property chain, safety serves;
(2) chain joins in inn of the manufacturer of product of relevant form a complete set, brand shop, straight battalion, advisory service, media

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