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First 2008 Anhui greets things of dress of Olympic Games sports and sports
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Showpiece date: 2008Year5Month1Day ~ 11 days

Nod showpiece: The Anhui province is free inside and outside of ferry park square

Sponsor an unit: Bureau of sports of the Anhui province
Bureau of Hefei city sports
Company of Hefei city evening paper
Undertake unit: Anhui starts culture medium limited company today

[exhibit setting]
As the buildup of Chinese comprehensive strength, beijing2008Year Shen Ao is successful, activity of fitness of the whole people gets comprehensive promotion. The country already tried sports industry to give aid to energetically and be thrown as a burgeoning industry, predict2010Year sports industry will obtain gross domestic product1.5%Or so. Sports serves as21The sunny industry of the century, making Chinese countryman economy a new point of growth. Our country already became world sporting goods to make big country, the sporting goods already made the key product that steps a country to purchase.
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