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First 2008 Anhui greets things of dress of Olympic Games sports and sports
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★ outdoors motion: Outdoors motion, travel is recreational things, include equipment of motion of golf motion, ice and snow, dive, water-skiing, bivouac, mountain-climbing and equipment, bicycle, electric car truckload, component and auxiliary things; Fishing tackle, fishing gear kind, ultimate motion, sunshade, canvas
★ health care tastes: Medicinal liquor of things of appliance of medical treatment of massage chair, massage club, massager, massage appearance, motion, acupuncture, litter, medicine chest, diagnostic cure, health care, medicines and chemical reagents, health care, prevent bask in the souvenir such as the oily, frost that protect skin, deodorant
★ is integrated: Equipment of sporting goods major, raw material; Achievement of sports science and technology, special mark and its product, sound resembles goods waiting; Electronic athletics and relevant product read extensively; Souvenir, pot, award, collect article, ; Sale of estate of intermediary of medical treatment of sports orgnaization, sports, sports, sports popularizes a project to wait

[exhibit meeting conduct propaganda and organization]
Enclothe professional newspaper, professional magazine, professional website, masses kind the advertisement conduct propaganda with the intermediary close together and orderly series such as newspaper popularizes an activity;
Straight mail presswork is publicized (DM) , at least 3 above, every time10Ten thousand according to man-to-man send;
Pass network and fax, begin extensively view exhibit register beforehand, enjoyVIP
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