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First 2008 Anhui greets things of dress of Olympic Games sports and sports
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Collect fees separately, carpet. (note: Above double mouth is exhibited collect fees uniform add close10%. )
[ginseng extend a program]
After the ginseng that fill appropriate exhibits application form to impose a rule, fax or mail to undertake unit. Application is exhibited hind 3Pay inside weekday50Of % exhibit a charge to serve as deposit, undertake to just grant to be exhibited with affirming formally. In the distance the exhibition kicks off30Before the day, remaining sum (50Of % exhibit a cost) pay to undertake unit, ginseng if cannot decide to money pays inside time in both sides,exhibit an unit, the organizing committee extends reservation the power of a reorder to this.
The organizing committee contacts means:
The Anhui province starts culture medium limited company today
Phone: 15056055855.13645600216.13865978251.13485676605.
Contact: Gold is achieved

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