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Health care of Guangzhou family expenses reached gymnastical equipment exhibitio
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Sponsor an unit: Guangzhou Xing Hui commerce shows limited company
Undertake unit: Guangzhou Xing Hui shows a company
Exhibit house title: Bright and beautiful Chinese exhibit a center
Conference time: (2008-03-08) comes (2008-03-10)
Conference address: Guangzhou city bright and beautiful Chinese exhibit a center (namely on Chinese big public house)
Contact: Mr Pan
Phone: 020-38250412 Fax: 020-38250932
Conference content:
1. Equipment of family expenses fitness: Machine of family expenses ran, fitness implement, gymnastical car, gymnastical ball, a-B chair, footfall machine, handstand machine, swing fat machine, be good at abdomen implement, chatelaine reducing weight, jiao Zi is taken, breast enhancement appearance, equipment reducing weight, equipment of computer game exercise.
2. MassageEquipment: MassageImplement, MassageMarvellous, MassageBed, MassageChair, MassagePillow, MassageBeat, MassageMat, MassageInsole, MassageCushion for leaning on.
3. Sanitarian electric equipment: Sufficient bath implement, chinese traditional medicine sufficient basin of wash one's hair, enrage blood circulation machine, raise opportunity of survival, morpheus appearance, machine of degradation of fruit vegetables pesticide,
4. Product of family expenses Medical Protection: Remedial appearance, physiotherapy appearance, discharge poisonous appearance, magnetism cure equipment, main and collateral channels treats appearance, acousticon, product of health care of far infrared ray, goods of health care of accept rice biology, appearance of eye health care, cervical vertebra treats appearance, a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient's neck implement, unplug coal tub implement, hydrotherapy machine,
5. Family expenses testing instrument: Small-sized blood sugar plan, electronic tonometer, thermometer, detector of main and collateral channels.
6. Health lives in things: Clean water implement, make water machine, air purifier, smooth accelerant purifier, make oxygen machine, humidifier, remove noise product, radiation-proof product, blanket of pillow of sanitarian mattess, health care, health care, sanitarian act the role ofing is tasted.
7. Hairdressing product: Product of family expenses beautiful skin, clean skin product, appearance of family expenses hairdressing, chinese traditional medicine, sweet fume things.

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