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International exhibition center holds Las Vegas international sporting goods was
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[extend meeting time] in June 2008 9-11 day
[exhibit meeting site]Las VegasInternational exhibits a center
[limits of item on display]
Shoe of package of series of gymnastical equipment series, gymnastical things series, outdoors exercise things, golf things series, campaign, gripesack, recreational bag, sneaker, travel, motion (travel) take (;
[postpone meeting introduction]
The United StatesLas VegasInternational sporting goods is exhibited (SGMA) be by federation of manufacturer of American sporting goods (SGMA) those who sponsor is professional international trade exhibition, it is current complete beauty the biggest, whole world the 2nd big internationally sporting goods exhibition. Have every year come from a whole world 50 many countries and area, 2, ginseng of many 600 manufacturer is exhibited, visiting number achieves 80 thousand person-time, exhibit a product project to exceed 1, 800 kinds. Because this exhibition shows up the audience basically comes from the South America such as American mainland, Canada and Chile, Peruvian, Brazil,reach latin america area, accordingly, it is in not only famous degree, showpiece the respect such as dimensions and consequence and exposition of Munich international sporting goods are eponymous, and form in the audience went up to also have very good complementary effect. The sporting goods with famous international produces business to be like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Russell Athlet-ic, Wilson Tennis, Asics Tiger, Coleman, Prince, Rollerblade, Nordica, StairMaster, and Franklin Sports enter this exhibition, and the field that hire bedding face accumulates, mix through song and dance invite a variety of means such as sign one's name of sporting world celebrity to attract an audience to look around.
Trade assist the clique goes to staff member of view and emulate to exhibit manufacturer and outlook of trade of the person that look around to exhibit a result to be as follows at the spot and ginseng especially
(SGMA sporting goods exhibits it to held water 1906, the history that already had 102 years up to now)
One, Things of exercise of the limit in market of American sporting goods still is popular movement project: If shoot, ice-skating, jump the need technology such as bed, Pan Yan and the motion that challenge human body limit, in last few years American homogeneous phase should be welcomed, and the number that shares this motion has addition tendency, be like since 1990, the United States [regular] the population that participates in skiing already grew 263% .
2, the main consumption that the female is sprotswear group: Although the United States emphasizes equal rights, athletic population of the male also prep above female, but the female expenditure in sprotswear relatively the man is tall, the male is willing to spend Qian Cai to buy athletic things or equipment relatively.
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