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Communication of technology of medium and small businesses of the 5th APEC and e
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Can exhibit a name communication of technology of medium and small businesses of the 5th APEC and exhibition

Cloth extends time 2008-05-28 2008-05-29

Show time 2008-05-30 2008-06-02

Remove extend time 2008-06-03 2008-06-04

Establish time 2008-03-04

Be in area Shandong to save Qingdao city

Can exhibit place Qingdao international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit to People's Republic of China develops and reform committee

Support Ministry of Foreign Affairs of unit People's Republic of China

Ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of China

Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China

Undertake unit Chinese medium and small businesses cooperates external government of people of city of harmonious center Qingdao

Assist do medium and small businesses of Hong Kong of unit Mexico, China, APEC to serve alliance

Exhibit meeting cycle two years

What belong to industry movie and TV / recreation / sports

Can exhibit descriptive PEC---Asia- - the English abbreviate that collaboration of Pacific Ocean economy organizes, (abbreviation Asia-Pacific is organized via closing) . APEC is an Asia, the regional economy with highest, the oldest influence organizes Pacific Area level. Hold water at sharing 21 members system 1989. Communication of technology of medium and small businesses and exhibition are APEC part of a among them main organization. 4 years the 3rd APEC is mixed 6 years the 4th APEC is held successfully already in Qingdao.

The look of the Olympic Games world 2008 assembles in China, the travel city of Qingdao since our country, be contest of Olympic Games Ao Fan undertake city, the success of before be being added a few APEC is held, more the influence that promotes Qingdao alive group and position, the bitter fleabane break out that also promotes product of our country travel, recreational, motion at the same time is exhibited.

Outdoors travel, camp to already became modern city the fashionable activity with the the most popular, most abiding people, china is having the consumptive market that makes the whole world enchanted, in the meantime, the natural travel resource that containing to abound, of sundry outdoors motion resource use and develop, the development that is our country tourism laid superexcellent congenital foundation. To satisfy the requirement of domestic and international travel, recreational lover, strengthen the technical communication between company of goods of travel, recreational, motion, master new market, trends and information, compose builds both sides of supply and demand to communicate the platform with collaboration. For this, we greet the tenet of the Olympic Games through 08 the whole people, use the platform of APEC, product of "APEC international travel, recreational, motion exhibits in the meantime " exhibit an area.
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