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Health care of family expenses of the 2nd Guangzhou massaged equipment exhibitio
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Limits of item on display:
1, massager material: Massager, massage club, massage bed, massage chair, massage pillow, massage beat, massage insole, massage cushion for leaning on.
2, sanitarian preserve one's health: Enrage machine of blood circulation machine, preserve one's health, sufficient bath implement, appearance of appearance of sufficient basin of wash one's hair, Morpheus, eye health care and eyesight improve a product.
3, healthy function lives in things: Product of health care of sanitarian bed, mattess, pillow, blanket, dress, underwear, far infrared ray, energy is filled up.
4, family expenses treats rehabilitation:
5, domestic environmental protection (disinfection purifies) : Sanitarian function makes water machine, clean water implement, the air purifier, machine that make oxygen, humidifier; Machine of degradation of fruit vegetables pesticide, ozone detoxify machine.
6, family expenses healthy testing instrument: Electronic tonometer, small-sized blood sugar plan, detector of thermometer, main and collateral channels.
7, hairdressing model body: Health nurses things of things, health of oral cavity sanitation; The things of body of model of domestic beautiful put oneself in another's position and equipment, machine that swing fat, be good at abdomen implement, equipment of Spa of belt of chatelaine reducing weight, Jiao Zi, equipment reducing weight, water, gas.
8, gymnastical equipment: Ran machine, fitness implement, equipment of exercise of game of machine of ball of gymnastical car, fitness, footfall, handstand machine, computer.

Ginseng exhibit a detail, ask contact:
Guangzhou Xing Hui commerce shows limited company
Firm address: New city of Guangzhou Pearl River spends city highway cabinet of government of emperor of 3 Na Tianan field 3101 rooms
Postcode: 510623
Phone: 020 38250412   38250413
Fax: 38250932
Contact: Mr Pan 13632376065
E-mail: Xinghui@gzxinghui.com
Network address: Http://www.gzxinghui.com/health/cn/index.html

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