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2008 China (Chongqing) exposition of international sporting goods
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2008 China (Chongqing) international sports is recreational industrial exposition
2008China (Chongqing) exposition of international sporting goods
2008Year on July 3 - Chongqing of 5 days of · exhibits a center
Invitation letter
Sponsor an unit: &Nbsp;Chongqing of total chamber of commerce of · Chongqing city establishs union of Chongqing city industry and commerce eaves shows limited company
Support an unit: Bureau of Chongqing city sports
Undertake unit: Chongqing builds eaves to show limited company

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Before Character
Chongqing serves as China western the bibcock of development, burgeoning municipality directly under the Central Government, as the ceaseless development of economic society, 2008Year the drawing near of Beijing Olympic Games, recreational industry commercializes Chinese sports run also deepening stage by stage, for Chongqing sports recreational estate development brought development opportunity. Lie fallow to make full use of and develop sports resource, accelerate Chongqing sports recreational industry grows, yo of the polity in looking into is recreational the foreground of industrial market. For this, for this,, 2008China (Chongqing) international sports is recreational industrial exposition " , we will on2008Year7Month3,5Day exhibits a center to be held ceremoniously in Chongqing. At the appointed time, come from domestic and international broad ginseng to postpone business, purchase business and agency to will assemble in Chongqing, mutual communication and collaboration.
This exposition purpose basically is revealed with recommend the communication between latest technology and product industry and collaboration, for broad citizen and sports manufacturer of recreational articles for use, businessman builds a communication to reveal platform, enlarge Chongqing city sports further of recreational industry famous degree, draw the attention that counterpoise of personage of business of more domestic and international investment, enterprise, sporting world celebrates, let us take the opportunity to lie fallow Chongqing sports the industry fosters the our city's new economy point of growth, sports of implementation our city is recreational the industry spans type develops, lie fallow for Chongqing sports hard the development of the career makes contribution.