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A few big safe hidden trouble of pleasure ground
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Pay close attention to a key: The attention fluctuates at the same time.
"Two people ride trojan vaulting horse, come high at the same time at the same time low. Ma Er Ma Er fastens archness, I and little brother laugh at mew! " seesaw is such, need two children to cooperate ability to play to rise, should play well, can laugh at mew. Play badly, with respect to this wow cried. So, you not only the child that should notice oneself, note the case of the other side even, tell them, if did not want to play, say with adult or the other side first, just came down otherwise, other one party does not have preparation, probable by mound of firm firm ground. This is light still, that departure child if pace is slow bit, probable by at a draught the bat that lift up rises is being patted.
Pay close attention to a key: Do not be in upgrade to climb from slide mouth, slippery after going down leave slide opening quickly.
Playing the situation that slide appears very easily is, children do not have removed one after another to slip downward, if the person is much, you look, a little while slide mouth begins pyramid. If child age is too small, after helping him up to go up, should wait for him to slip to slide extreme rapidly come down, the child of old a bit, want to tell him, if in front have a child, should wait for a child to slip after going down, slip again, after slipping, rise immediately leave, also do not climb from slide exit upgrade.
Pay close attention to a key: Cannot midway let go jumps down
Catching slideway arranges slope and fall, this game makes the child excited very much. They are met play everywhere not was over. But, because some children fear or impatient, often slip half with respect to let go, hitting boil to come down, jing gives cold sweat of your a suit. If possible sentence, first time had better follow him, he is protected by, tell him, etc slip most below, slipped to be not moved again let go jumps down. Want to tell the child additionally, not former road is returned, the child that can be slipped to come down definitely otherwise bumps men and horses thrown off their feet-utterly routed.

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