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How to enhance the bounce power of the body
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Bounce force is systemic force, run the synthesis that moves speed, response rate, body to coordinate gender, flexibility, flexibility shows.
So we can not think to raise spring with respect to all day long jump jump went. You must hold to everyday him drawing all over the tendon of each place, ligament, muscle, enlarge articulatory territory, in the meantime, do all sorts of complex gymnastics that are helpful for raising the body to coordinate a gender. The movement wants accurate, beautiful, already strong loosen again.
Force training had better train to the coach is arranged and coach by the body. If oneself undertake training, had better undertake the 2 great power that reach 4 times train every week, safety must notice when training, lest produce accident harm. Alleged great power trains even if use barbell to have the practice of big negative charge.

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